Year 1984:

The parent company ORTIC was founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of SSAB. Technology doctor Lars Ingvarsson was working at the University KTH and it is his research on residual stresses when bending sheet metal that forms the basis of ORTIC's success. The company name ORTIC is the name of the unique software that calculates the design of the rollers and corrects the stresses that arise in the material.

Year 1984-2000:

Since 1984, ORTIC has delivered expertise and machines for 2D rollforming sheet metal to customers with very high demands on customization and performance. The rollers are unique and each machine can consist of several hundred rolls. The machines can be equipped with several interchangeable roller cassettes for the production of more details.

Year 2001:

The 1st generation 3D technology was developed in conjunction with ORTIC's German customer BEMO in 2001 requesting a machine that could manufacture tapered ceiling panels for the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Year 2002-2004:

The 3D technology was further developed in connection with machines being developed to create the ceiling for the Budapest Arena and six Olympic arenas in Athens. These roll forming machines were placed in containers so that they could easily be moved to various construction sites around the world. In 2004, Lars Ingvarsson and ORTIC together with the German company Bemo Systems GmbH received an honorary mention at the Swedish Steel Prize.



Year 2009:

The subsidiary Northcone was formed with the idea of ​​using ORTIC's knowledge of roll forming, to develop an exclusive and unique machine that enabled a very fast and precise manufacturing process for lighting poles. The manufacturing method and the machine led to a patented technology and a unique pole construction with increased traffic safety.

Year 2009-2017:

Northcone and ORTIC fine tunes and improves the whole concept into a perfect, full automatic manufacturing process. In 2015 Northcone's 8-12m S-series is being HE (high energy) certified.

Year 2016:

Northcone's collision proof lighting poles for roads and parks are being launched in Sweden. One of the first customers is the Swedish Trafikverket.

Year 2018:

Northcone's collision proof lighting poles for roads and parks are NE certified (non-energy). The same year we start to sell our RAL painted poles.

Year 2019:

Northcone launches GC arm (arms for bike roads), flange plates, dubble arms and new lengths 3 and 7 meters.