Ortic Group

Northcone AB is part of the ORTIC Group - a group that develops and manufactures advanced applications based on roll forming technology.

The group was founded as early as 1984 and today the business covers three main areas:

1) Contract manufacturing (Bendiro AB)

2) Manufacturing Equipment (ORTIC AB)

3) Own products (Northcone AB)

ORTIC Group is a market leader in its field and has customers in the application areas of construction, furniture, automotive, telecom and industry. The group is part of the investment group R12 Capital.

About R12

R12 Kapital is a Swedish investment company managed by the co-owners Per Hesselmark and Hans Ramel. The company's largest owner is Robert af Jochnick, founder of the cosmetics company Oriflame, together with his three sons.

In 2019, R12 Kapital had a turnover of SEK 3.3 billion and a profit of just over SEK 1 billion. The investment in Northcone is based on the long-term view and the conviction that the advantages of 3D roll forming can fundamentally change the light pole industry.